VectorViewer Fillable Forms

Configure & write business rules on PDF Forms using a custom user friendly Forms Designer. Once done configuring forms can be published and published Forms can be sent to users,optionally with some pre-filled data, to collect Data , e-sign or digitally sign using DocuSign .

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Configure Forms & Collect Data

PDF Forms

PDF Creators can be used to easily create PDF Forms to collect data from Users. However with browsers removing the support for NPAPI based plugins, these forms cannot be opened in browsers.

VectorViewer now enables clients to use the same old PDF Form and upload it to the inhouse PDF Designer and configure all business rules around it. Once setting up is done, published Forms can be sent to users to fill in the information and return back.The PDF Form along the data submitted by users can be in combination used to generate a non-editable flattended PDF specific to that user.

VectorViewer VectorViewer Multi-Tenant Supported Client Dashboard

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Dashboard Forms Designer

Upload the PDF Form and configure it easily in VectorViewer Dashboard Form Designer using a user friendly forms designer that makes it easy to configure business rules around the forms and form fields.

Publish Forms

Configured Forms can be published or republished using VectorViewer Dashboard to make it live. Also conveniently propogate designed forms from one environment to another from the dahsboard or via APIs.

Collect Data & DocuSign

Form recipients enter data by opening the unique URL. Forms can be Saved for future completing or Submitted for induction and/or optionally sent to DocuSign (out of the box) for collecting Digital Signature.

VectorViewer Multi-Tenant Supported Client Dashboard

Fillable Forms - Workflow

Fillable forms Designing, Collecting Data and Submitting the collected data has its own workflow. VectorViewer Supports this out of the box and all clients have to do is design the form, publish it, send it to users via the Form Connect API generated URL and collect the submitted data to finally generated the flattened PDF.

The flattened PDF, which is nothing but a non editable user specific form data collected PDF, can be inducted to VectorViewer's Image Viewer Cloud via integrated API for future viewing and annotating.

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Field Configurations

Easily mark a PDF Form field as Required, as a Date Field (with various date formats), as a Number Field, as a Password field or set it to not auto fill - all done easily on hover over a field.

VectorViewer responsive ui

Write all the Javascripts specific to your business case in an inline Javascript Editor. Show alerts pops, inline alerts & confirmation boxes using functions.

VectorViewer easy integration
Data Collection

Simulate form submission from designer, see all validations/business rules getting triggered & view collected Data or even generate a sample flattened PDF from the collected date.

VectorViewer unicode support
Form Statuses

Maintains status of form sent - Created, Saved, Submitted, Signed, Verified & Inducted and each status maintains the action performed by user