AWS Cloud based SaaS product providing end to end solution for viewing, editing, annotating, redacting, e-signing & storing documents and configuring Fillable Forms/Collecting User Data

vectorviewer storing enterprise class documents

Comprehensive Enterprise Document Product Suite

Storing, Editing, Annotating & E-Sign Documents, Designing, Collecting and Generating Flattended PDFs from Fillable Forms - We have it all!

vectorviewer zero footprint
Viewer Core
  • Multi-Tenant enabled SaaS model ensures no upfront cost & you pay as you go along the assurance of scaling to infinity using AWS Cloud.
  • HTML5 Document Viewer that can open most viewable document formats in browser
  • Cloud Storage of the documents with API support to upload and connect to open documents.
  • Ability to search in documents,export document, rotate pages, delete pages, add new page and rearrange pages of the document viewed
  • Full audit of the documents usage, edits and access information at your finger tips.
  • Details..
vectorviewer zero footprint
Viewer Annotator
  • Ability to add annotation layer on top of the existing document
  • Supported annotations include different shapes,filled boxes, text highlighting, underlining,sticky notes, text and comments.
  • Supports redacting certain areas in the document that contain sensitive information and content under redacted areas will be visible to only users with special permissions
  • Users can add E-Signature, rubber stamps, watermarks to documents.
  • Ability to open documents with or without edit capability of annotation layer and exported with or without annotation layer.
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vectorviewer effortless setup
Fillable Forms
  • Ability to upload a PDF Form to VectorViewer via Client Dashboard
  • Form Configuration & Business Rules can be done via a easy to use VectorViewer Forms Deisgner and advanced configs are done via Custom Javascripts.
  • Users can mark any form element as a E-Signature & get the doc signed from DocuSign, Date Field, Number Field, Masked Field, Required Field etc.
  • Designers can simulate a sample test form submission, collect data and also download a sample flattened PDF.
  • Published Forms can be sent to users via Form Connect API & data collected can be used to generat a flattened PDF.
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Why VectorViewer?

vectorviewer end to end reactive stack

End to End Reactive Stack for fastest response to user and AWS hosting ensures app can scale to infinity.

vectorviewer annotate view edit export

Out of the Box DocuSign integration for taking digital signatures from your customers.

vectorviewer customized viewer ui

Keep track of all actions performed on documents and forms via Dashboard statistics and advanced audting.

vectorviewer customized viewer ui

Ability to view, edit & export small as well as large docs along annotations in fastest possible time.

vectorviewer audit information

Design & configure Fillable Forms with business rules with default rules or custom JS in a friendly Designer

vectorviewer customized viewer ui

Easy to manage your environments and customize the UI of the HTML Viewer via friendly Client Dashboard.

All Features

vectorviewer storing enterprise class documents

vectorviewer web Applications Architecture

Award Winning Reactive PDF Engine

Technologies We Trust - Java, Spring Boot, Dynamodb, AWS, HTML, Javascript,Angular

vectorviewer web Applications Architecture

Price plans for your need

Easy pay as you go plan for regular web users – no long term commitment and customers are charged based on the documents stored, documents viewed/annotated.

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What you need, we provide

VectorViewer founders come with a total of 40+ years of product development experience and understand all the needs of a SaaS solution

vectorviewer customizable ui
Customizable UI

Fully Customizable Viewer UI from a friendly dashboard.

vectorviewer cloud storage
Cloud Storage

Access Documents from anywhere via Cloud storage.

vectorviewer automatic live updates saas
Live Updates

SaaS Model ensures you get the latest & greatest features.

vectorviewer robust security
Robust Security

Highest Level of Encryption on all client assets we store.