Our Flagship product that provides a complete Document Managment solution to help any small to large enterprises manage the full life cycle of an enterprise document from creation to publishing it to their end users in a super efficient manner.

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DIRA - Complete Document Management System

Dira offers various tools and features that help you manage the life cycle of a enterprise document from creation to publishing it and archiving it.

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Effortless Setup
  • Choose between the on premisis hosting in a private AWS Cloud (backed by a powerful command line Installation app) or SaaS offering from Vectorviewer.
  • Offers easy setup screens to get you start right away & with its full SSO support, your users will be in system from Day 1.
  • A simple to use yet intutive UX and world class UI ensures that the learning curve for users is at a minimum.
VectorViewer Easy and Effortless setup
Document Workflows
  • Dira allows users to setup simple workflows that dictates the document life cycle via its admin screens.
  • Create Document Types and associate it with Document Statuses and User Groups.
  • Workflow Defined is a loosly coupled with the document which means the document can be optionally moved from any status to any other status.
VectorViewer Cloud Storage and Multitenants
Document Import
  • Pull enterprise documents with various external systems that your enterprise is already familiar with.
  • Out of the box support for Microsoft Sharepoint documents and Google Docs.Optionally you can also upload documents from local computer.
  • New Version of documents are created everytime a new document is uploaded to the system and user can easily compare different versions
Whiteboard, Compare and Notifications
  • Open documents in a whiteboard to add your notes, comments and other information on top of the document
  • Address notes added by other users and then mark the addressed items as resolved.
  • Compare any version of the document with any other version
  • Track every update that happens on the document via document history and instant email notifications

Easy Management

Take full control of the documents you manage which needs contribution from multiple users at different levels using the simple to set workflow system of DIRA.

VectorViewer Html Control

Powerful Tools Behind DIRA

DIRA comes with some very powerful tools that help you easily collaborate with your fellow users and complete the task in a more efficient way than putting those documents in a shared drive and requesting people to contribute

  • VectorViewer Reactive Stack

    Easy to track the status of a document and see who is working on it at any given point of time

  • Notifications sent out at every update done on document ensures tracking is easily done.

  • VectorViewer AWS S3 Storage

    Share with internal/external users with time limit & revoke the share at any moment.

  • Open Document in Whiteboard tool to add annotations on document as note to fellow user.

  • VectorViewer Fast rendering of documents

    Compare any two versions of a given document using a powerful compare tool.

  • VectorViewer Scale to infinity with AWS

    Link documents, clone document, mark as favorite or add watchers to get notified on updates.

Supported File Formats

Vector Viewer supports all standard document/image file formats such PDF, TIFF, DOC(X), XLS(X),PPT(X), PNG, JPEC, WMV, BMP, SVG, CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, RTF etc.

We are constantly adding support to new file formats. Irrespective of the type of file inducted to cloud, all documents will be presented to an end user in a PDF format, which means the original file is untouched.

VectorViewer Supported File Formats