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VectorViewer storing enterprise class documents

Our Story

VectorViewer storing enterprise class documents

VectorViewer SaaS solution has an interesting background. The founders behind this, who have in total of more than 40 years of Software Development and architecture experience working primarily with Enterprise Product companies, were the consumers of many other HTML5 Viewer solutions availabile in the market for long time and knew the exact pain points of procuring a license for a third party software, paying huge upfront dollars and then recruiting a whole lot of software developers in an effort to integrate it with the Enterprise product they were working on.

Even with so much efforts, there were major issues with those HTML5 Viewers (not naming anyone in particular) such as scability especially in an enterprise world where tens of thousands of documents are stored, performance issues when viewing huge documents,ever growing database sizes/hard disk sizes over years of usage and frustration with the end users over frequent crashing of the system due to heavy load on the servers. Another pain point was that the onus of storing the managing the documents was on the client using those softwares which was mostly a manual activity.On top of all these upgrading the Viewer whenever HTML5 Viewer vendors provided an Software Update was always a nightmare since it involved lot of technical updates and repeating all the tasks previously done over and again.

The founders then decided to come up with a Pay as you go SaaS model product that addresses all of the above issues and also optionally provides a document storage facility in the cloud. Hence today there is industry's first HTML5 Viewer that is sold as a complete SaaS solution for document storage, viewing and annotating.There is zero installations needed from our clients perspecitve and yet, they get a robust, scalable to infinity, fully secure, fully customizable product that easily blends well with any existing customer's existing products or can run as an independent solution. And the best part of VectorViewer is that there are no software updates that needs to be installed by our customers on their product at any point of time. All of the VectorViewer configuration is done via a easy to use, modern client dashboard using which customers can also create new tenants/environments, configure the viewer and do all other maintaince activities.